Dad Works Hard

August 03, 2015

Portland Oregon's Dad Works Hard is trashy, disco infused hard rock with all of the shouting, kicking, and beer can crushing that goes with it. Consisting of Daniel Barker (lead vocals and guitar), Andrew Grimaldo (bass, vocals and keys), and Tyler Jensen (drums), this trio hails from different parts of the country and happened to meet in Portland, OR.

Friends prior to being bandmates, Dad Works Hard was born in early 2014 and has been completely self funded in the truest sense of the words ever since. DWH began making music in the Kenton district of North Portland. After recording their first LP, "The Saturday Nite Movie," in late 2014 with Oregon Music Hall of Famer Gregg Williams in the Trench Studio, these rockers began pounding the streets playing everywhere they could to deliver the sound out to the people. Dad Works Hard filmed their first video for the single, "White Shoes," in August 2014 working with local vegan film director Robert D'Esposito.

THE SOUND: Picture neon signs, dirty ashtrays with strange residue, aging retirees playing video lottery, and police sirens after a night of a little much rocking. There's no irony here, they're about as genuine as it gets. Rock from the early 70's and 80's mixed with smoother rock finished with harder rock and topped with trucker speed, the sound is reminiscent of old topless cars, topless drunks, and the sort of record your dad put on the turntable when Bill and Jeff came over for another night of what he and your mom used to fight about. Hard working class music for hard working class Americans, Dad Works Hard is the band that should have been playing when Patrick Swayze beat the snot out of Jimmy in Roadhouse.

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