August 03, 2015

Dogheart formed in early 2014 when Oregon natives Matt Jenkins (guitar, vocals), Cameron Hering (drums), and Gray Hildreth (bass) began writing music together in a tight, crowded, dark practice space where they spent many long hours honing in on their new sound and coming up with their new name for the band. The band decided on the name “Dogheart”, which Matt Jenkins thought of years back, suggests that man can be a selfish creature, or a loving being. This name perhaps influenced by those that the group has met along the way. All members originally hailed from different projects, and wanted to create something fun and exciting without any borders, or restrictions. The band all dabbled with other projects, as well as incomplete projects, in the past and were eager to create something that they were all proud of and move forward with it.

Drawing influences from bands like Diamond Rugs, Guided by Voices, Neva Dinova, the Clash, Real Estate, and local influences like the Exploding Hearts, and Stephen Malkmus, they entered the Secret Society recording studio in the summer of 2014 with local engineer and producer, Jeff Bond. The album, “What Burn the Best”, released February 17th, was tracked and recorded over five days.

The sound is “not polished enough enough to be pop, but not quite rough enough around the edges to be garage rock.” Over 40 songs were written, and the 10 best were chosen. “What Burns the Best” came out to be a balanced, 30-minute glimpse into stripped down rock ‘n roll that the listener can follow along with, and shake their bowl cut to. They have taken their new music and played it locally, and around the Northwest to positive reception. Dogheart will be playing as much as possible in 2015 in order to broaden their audience, and continue to write and record more music.

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