Farmers markets, produce stands grow in popularity

Photo by Bill Miller.
Photo by Bill Miller.

The Yamhill Valley is one of few locales offering a wide variety of delicious, locally grown produce. Growing plants benefit from the moderate climate, deep soils and generous rainfall.

For the freshest berries, fruits and vegetables, check out the region's many farmers markets and farm stands. The markets often offer locally produced plants, eggs, fish, poultry and meats, as well as decor for your home and garden. You're likely to find the best deals on the best edibles when you purchase straight from the farmer, including organic and naturally grown options.

To take full advantage of farmers markets, plan to visit between May and October. The rest of the year, a few markets continue to offer local winter produce and baked goods.

The Market in McMinnville on Saturdays  and the farm stand in Amity, Blue Raeven Produce, are open year-round.

Farmers Markets

- Dundee Farmers Market, Sundays mid-May to September, Highway 99W and Seventh Street,

- McMinnville Farmers' Market, Thursdays May 28- Oct. 20, Northeast Cowls Street between Second and Third streets, McMinnville, 503-472-3605 

- Newberg Farmers & Artisans Market, Saturdays June to September, on School Street between First and Hancock, Newberg, 503-537-7190

- The Market, Saturdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Memorial Day weekend; then 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, 845 N.E. Fifth St., McMinnville, 503-550-3812           

Fruit stands 

- Bernards Farm, daily mid-April to October, 18755 S.W. Highway 18, McMinnville, 503-472-4933

- Blue Raeven Produce, daily, closed Mondays January to April, 20650 S. Highway 99W, Amity, 503-835-0740

- Draper Farms, daily May to October, 11105 S.W. Baker Creek Road, McMinnville, 503-472-2358

- Farmer John's, open summers, 15000 S.W. Oldsville Road, McMinnville, 503-474-3514

- Firestone Farms, daily May to December, Thursday-Saturday January to April, 18400 N. Highway 99W, Dayton, 503-864-2672

- Monagon's Blueberry Farm, daily June to October, 12000 Lafayette Highway, Dayton, 503-864-4909

- Munoz Farm Stand, mid-May to mid-October, 2714 N. Highway 99W, McMinnville, 503-868-7105

- Ray's Fruitland, daily March to October, 205 N. Main St., Newberg, 503-538-7061

- Schindler's Farm, daily mid-April to Christmas, 26033 Highway 18, Grand Ronde, 503-879-5484

- Sweet Oregon Berry, daily March to October, intersection of Highways 18 and 99W, Dayton, 503-625-6665

- Marna Porath

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