Helpful information for cyclists

Take a little time to visit historic downtown McMinnville

The downtown district, with its variety of quality restaurants, wine tasting rooms, brew pubs and boutique shopping, is a popular destination all year. Once you're there, you will find the following businesses officially recognized by as Bike Friendly Businesses. They include:

Bicycle Support

  • Tommy's Bike Shop is open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Morning Coffee Support

You have two great choices.

  • Downtown  you will find Union Block Coffee House, located downtown, is open at 7 am-6 pm Friday, 7 am-5 pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Great Harvest Bakery is a mere quarter mile walk down Linfield Avenue from Cycle Oregon's Tent City. It's open 6:30 am-7 pm Friday, 8 am-7 pm Saturday, and 9:30 am-5 pm Sunday.

Evening Wine Support

There are nearly a dozen tasting rooms or wineries in the downtown area. R. Stuart is the only tasting room recognized as a Bike Friendly Business. Catch their "Big Fire" pinot noir Friday and Saturday until 8 pm and Sunday until 6 pm.

Brew Pub Support

Like the wineries, there are options for hop lovers here. Just a few short blocks from the bike racks is the Grain Station Brew Works. Fantastic locally brewed beers, great food and welcoming service for cyclists. Open Friday and Saturday until 11 pm and Sunday until 9 pm.

Local Cycling Routes

There are several rides in the area you may want to try during your next visit. The following routes vary in distance and difficulty. We've listed them here  We've listed a few here by distance.

The following links connect with

General Routes

Riverside Drive - 7.5 miles

The Hill Climbs of Yamhill Co.

Baker Creek - 19.8 miles

Youngberg Hill - 13.6 miles

Peavine - 20.3 miles

Muddy Valley - 26.1 miles

Walnut Hill - 23.6 miles

Abbey Road - 27 miles

Bald Peak - 36.7 miles

Latham Loop - 39.2 miles

Sheridan Peak - 69.3 miles

Woodland Loop - 41.5 miles




These routes were mapped and provided by Tommy's Bike Shop. Tommy's provides some advice.

While many of the roads in Yamhill County are narrow, Tommy's has chosen those with lower traffic counts when possible. Sometimes, in order to create a loop, busier roads must be used.

Be extremely cautious on WESTSIDE ROAD at all times, due to heavy traffic volume, blind corners, truck usage, and virtually no shoulders. We rarely ride Westside except late in the evening or occasionally on weekends.

The bridge that connects THIRD STREET and downtown McMinnville to THREE MILE LANE is another area of concern. Narrow, high traffic volume. Be fast to cross it, be safe. THREE MILE LANE is pretty much a freeway in terms of speed, but has wide shoulders. We use it only to connect to other roads that are safer and quieter.

The DESCENTS on many of these rides are both technical and fast. You can’t simply let it go and fly through the corners at full speed. Shade and light will mix depending on the time of your ride, making it difficult to judge bumps and breaks in the pavement. Debris from trees and weather, as well as gravel, may litter the road. And you may be more surprised than the deer that steps into your path. Be careful out there.

Please ride SINGLE FILE on our roads when traffic approaches. Give drivers the courtesies you would expect them to give you. And for pity’s sake, if you have to stop, don’t stop in the middle of the road.


Other local Bike Friendly Businesses 

Here are some other local businesses and organizations that are certified Bike Friendly Businesses by

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